May 12, 2012

masonic lodge

Lodge Heather is the local masonic hall in Newstead. whenever the masons are in session (whatever it is they do behind closed doors!), this little corner of Penquite Road looks a little like a car yard. i quite like this building actually, it's got a rather grand look about it - in a small-scale sort of way.


  1. A most unusual building style that seems to represent secrecy! There is something quite private about those doors and lower level windows!

  2. you know, i believe they even have heavy drapes closed up behind those windows. you never see any light coming through those windows of an evening when they're "in session". very secretive indeed. if i ever come up with a funny handshake of my own, i might see if i can get inside and take a few secret snaps ;)

  3. This building was erected in two different periods, hence the different styles emerging on each layer.