May 9, 2012

LMC + roller door

i've never been on this side of Penquite Road, so i've never been close enough to take a close look at this overlooked building. is it a shed? water-related infrastructure? a very small window-less house?

all i can gather is that it's something council-related, as i understand "LMC" (delightful art deco font, no?) stands for "Launceston Metropolitan Corporation". there's a similarly adorned building up in West Launceston that i might stop to get a photo of one day. any thoughts or facts about this building's purpose will receive my eternal gratitude...


  1. I thought at first that it was a date, then realized that it was in the wrong order, before realizing that MCL would be 1150 and far too old for your area!

    maybe it is for storing landscaping equipment?

  2. I believe that this building was formally a bus shelter. There are many buildings like these dotted around the city in the form of sub-stations, with wonderful period typeface on them. The roller door is a recent incarnation, and I can only imagine that it was put there because of it not being used anymore and vandalized. Doesn't really add to the original 20c Modernist design aesthetic. I just love the Art Deco typeface though, check out Lucks Corner building, it has similar typeface to this, especially the 'pacman' "C"!

  3. i like your logic hamilton! but alas, wrong order, and a little out of whack chronologically...

    excellent work, Thomas - i figured if anyone knew, it'd be you. well spotted on the Luck's Corner connexion, i knew i'd seen that font somewhere before.

  4. Previously a tram shelter with amenities (1911-1952)