May 7, 2012

the bakery mural

anyone who's driven through Newstead more than casually will be familiar with this mural on the side of a European-style bakery. it's definitely part of Launceston's cultural landscape - i remember it from when i first lived in Launceston in the 80s - however i have two points i'd like to bring up:

1) the guy on the left - presumably Bavarian, from the get-up - his face has always creeped me out slightly (qv. nose, cheekbones, chin)
2) the guy on the right - presumably the baker - looks an awful lot like the guy from the Curiosity Show


  1. The more you look, the more you notice, this mural certainly draws your attention closer! Reminds my of the 1980s period, it's style.

  2. I agree with your comment! The guy on the left looks more in the butcher category rather than the baker! Fascinating mural!