February 18, 2012

when two become three

Like a lot of people who love taking photos, I really dig old rusty crap. And the Inveresk railyards are full of derelict and sort-of-neglected bits and pieces.

I say "sort-of-neglected" because between the 1960s and the new millenium (still sounds fancy to say that), this area lay abandoned - a bit of an eyesore. However, in the 90s someone (or someones, I'd say) saw the potential for this inner-city industrial scab to become the city's cultural heart. A fair bit of money was poured into the project, and in the early part of last decade it became the sort of place you could go to have a coffee, see a play or football, view some art, play on old trains without fear of tetanus, or study.

It's really a swell place to spend a Sunday afternoon, if you're so inclined. Just follow the train lines...


  1. An interesting area and a good example of adaptive reuse of an Industrial site. There are several industrial buildings around Tasmania that lay abandoned and their future is uncertain.

  2. Liking the style of photo. The rail tracks make a good pattern and lead your eye through the photo.

  3. Steffe - damn straight it is!

    Thomas - I went for a bit of a drive around the industrial zone of Inveresk today, you're definitely not wrong. Just takes someone with a bit of vision & a lot to invest.

    Stephen - thanks, I was quite surprised to find this photo in my archives because I have no memory of taking it!