February 19, 2012


One of the mild ironies of Launceston is that the Old Launceston Seaport development is actually a fair way inland. In fact, the Tamar River is Australia's longest estuary, clocking in at 70km before terminating with the two Esk Rivers.

One of the defining features of estuaries is that they are tidal. So every now and then, the water runs back out to Bass Strait and we're left with the exposed river bed, which is pretty much just mud. This mud causes a lot of angst in Launceston, and millions of dollars have been spent over the years raking, dredging, blowing up, and generally just trying to shift it.

The ducks don't seem to mind the mud, though.

As an aside, I have started a new photography project titled Hong Kong In The 80s. It's worth popping in once a week to have a look, and should appeal to people who like old photos, Hong Kong, and the 80s.

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