December 13, 2011

Ben Lomond

Strictly speaking, this isn't Launceston - but you guessed that already. Ben Lomond is, however, an important mountain to Launcestonians (whether they realise it or not). It's an important part of the water catchment for Launceston and the northern midlands, and during winter it's the only developed skifield - marginal though it may be - within an hour's drive of the city.

It's also an incredibly beautiful place to go for a walk, if you fancy that sort of thing. Me, I like the quiet up there during summer.


  1. Thank you for your visit on VDP. I was suddenly very confused about where Launceston was. I do know the Launceston in Cornwall but it's nowhere near Loch Lomond in Scotland so it took a while for my still sleepy brain to click, lol! This looks good in b&w!

  2. Thanks magiceye, I think the same thing every time I pass through this area.

    Thanks cieldequimper - you know, I hadn't thought how confusing it might have been! Pretty much everywhere in Tasmania is named after somewhere in the UK...