December 22, 2011

wine wine wine wine

That's a whole lot of wine right there. Taken at Pierre's, which is a local institution - Launceston's oldest cafe (55 years, still going strong), damn fine coffee in a nice atmosphere with excellent service. Often I find myself going to the chain stores when I'm not too fussy about my coffee, but I much prefer the coffee in the "real" (for want of a better word) cafes. More often than not, I make a bee-line for Pierre's.

Oh, and wine is also good. More on the Tamar Valley wine region later...


  1. i am surprised to find your blog since i just returned from Australia...visited your beautiful Tasmania (Hobart and Launceston. too bad we didn't stumble upon this wonderful sounding place! we truly loved the Cradle Mountain National Park and walking back into the Gorge! Slowly but surely i am adding photos to my blog...

  2. Pierre's sounds good, and I haven't tried the Tamar wines ...yet.