December 3, 2011


Chalmers Church is one of the most recognisable buildings in the city. It sits 5 minutes walk from the city centre, in a part of town that used to be called (predictably) Chalmers - however, these days it's just part of central Launceston. Quite a few historic building in the area, which I'll probably blog about later.

I believe Chalmers is long de-consecrated, and as long as I've been in Launceston it's been a private residence. Naturally, a somewhat run-down church in an old part of town is a point of interest for those with a supernatural bent.


  1. It's a gorgeous old church Smudgeon, but I definitely wouldn't like to live there, especially if there was even a HINT of the supernatural haha!

  2. I was talking to someone at work the other day who knows the new owners - they're planning a major renovation, hope they're not superstitious...don't think I could do it either, I'd probably freak myself out more than anything.

    Thanks for the comments!