January 16, 2012

Go that way

When I re-started this blog, I didn't intend on making it primarily monochrome - it's just the way it seems to have panned out. I like to think that shooting in black and white gives me a different perspective on my home city. It's not a big place, and sometimes finding new angles on familiar views isn't easy.

Anyways, for the next 19 images at least, you'll have more grayscale than you can shake an Examiner at.


  1. I can understand the need to try something different. I have been thinking of going black and white too. Do you do it in camera?

  2. Hi Sixmats, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I do it in-camera - just set it to monochrome, tweak a few of the settings to my liking & away I go. I sometimes use a deep red filter I bought a few years ago on the lens if I really want to beef up the contrast...